Suntana spray tan prices

Coconut Light 8%

Chocolate Dark 12%

Rapid Tan

Full body Tan £15 

Face & Neck £5 top-up 

Half Body Tan £10

Everyone likes to look tanned, but for some people a natural tan just isn’t possible, and with scare stories about skin cancer due to sun exposure or sun beds, the lure of the sunless tan is appealing. One session of airbrush tanning is said to be equivalent, colour wise, to about six sun bed sessions, and also prevents the damage caused by the sun or sunbed tanning.

What is Spray Tanning and How Does it Work?

The active ingredient in a spray on tan (sometimes called an airbrush tan or sunless tan) is a chemical called dihydroxyacetone (DHA) which is made from sugar cane. This chemical reacts with the amino acids on the outer layer of skin which changes its colour. The DHA starts to work within about two hours of the tan application and carries on for twelve hours.

Depending on your skin type, an airbrush tan can last for anything up to ten days. It can be maintained for as long as you need it, with top up applications of tanning solution.

The colour you get from a spray tan won’t wash off; but it will start to fade as the upper layers of your epidermis wear away naturally. If you aren’t pleased with the results, you can always try to speed things up by gently scrubbing with exfoliating gloves but as a rule it will still take around a week for the spray tan to disappear totally.

Suitable for all ages, shapes and sizes, men, women & children alike!

What Should I Do Before a Spray Tanning Session?

  • Shower and exfoliate your skin well, For upto 8 hours before you have a spray tan. You won’t be able to shower for around twelve hours after the spray tan, If you want the spray tan to be effective.
  • Shave or wax at least 24 hours before your treatment.
  • Don’t wear any perfumes, lotions or deodorants which might stop the tanning solution from working by creating a barrier on your skin.
  • Take off any watches and other jewellery.
  • Wear dark underwear, and loose dark clothing to avoid the tanning solution rubbing off on your clothes.

 Suntana After years of extensive reasearch, the scientists at Suntana's labs™ have developed three strengths of premium sunless tanning solution. With them you can now cater for every skin type and preference. With three unique fragrances, Chocolate and Coconut you can invigorate the senses. Whether you are looking for lovely sun kissed glow or a deep bronzed tan, our unique spray tan formulas will give you a convincingly natural result without exposure to harmful UV rays.

New Rapid Tan; is an amazing new tanning product which allows you to wash off your spray tan after a hour and it will continue to develop with the stickiness and inconvenience of having to stay in for hours while it drys.

Spray Tan Parties

You've thrown Candle parties, Cosmetics parties, Lingerie parties... well now it's time to do the Tanning Party!

Basically, invite a minimum of Five (4) friends to your place and all get a full body tan in one session, and then you, the hostess, will receive your tan absolutely free!

Polite note: the ‘free tan’ offer for the hostess are for parties of 5 or above (including the hostess) are strictly subject to the number of people who are sprayed on the day - If people fail to turn up and the numbers drop below 5 you will have to pay for your spray tan - sorry!

These parties are ideal for:

  • Girls Night In – get a DVD, bottle of wine and book a tan!
  • Pamper Parties – make it a monthly get together & rotate the hostess
  • Special Occasions –18th / 21st birthdays
  • Prom nights
  • Christmas Party
  • Summer BBQ
  • New Years Eve Ball
  • Christenings
  • Hen Parties – book us the day before your big night out
  • Pre-Holiday Tan - before you hit the beach, get a head start!

£15 per head min 5, inc FREE hostess tan. PLUS FREE Bottle of wine to get the party started. 7+ £12, 9+ £11.

Coconut is a perfect for people with a light complexion or those new to spray tanning, it will add colour and give you a healthy glow.

Suntana spray tan prices;

Full body Tan £15 

Half Body Tan £10

Face & Neck £4.50 top-up

Rapid Tan
A brand new formulation, allowing you to tan in as little as 1 hour. Its a fast developing solution designed for customers who require a tan in a hurry. No more turning down last minute events!
This is a high performance tanning formula featuring Tan Control®. A secret blend of ingredients with no parabens, alcohol or harmful preservatives. Let your client choose their colour depth. This solution works across all skin types.
Infused with organic plant extracts, Suntana’s Rapid tan is the ultimate in tanning technology and will fade better than most other brands. It gives a realistic natural result.
Available in the beautiful summer fragrance of strawberry-Vanilla.
No DHA smell during the development time (as with other spray tans)
Tan Control
  • wash off after 1-2 hours for light/medium
  • wash off after 3-4 hours for medium
  • wash off after 4+ hours for darker results
Look gorgeous in a flash when you’ve got to dash!

Chocolate is perfect for people with a medium to dark complexion. Instant dark brown colour with bronze glow.

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