Threading is perfect for facial hair removal

•Extremely accurate for perfect eyebrow shaping

•Ensures all hair types are removed from the follicle

•Perfect natural solution for sensitive facial skin

•Longer lasting and even grow back results than any other techniques

•Hair does not grow back dark or thick

Quick Eye Makeover;Brows Threaded, Plucked, Trimmed and Tinted black/brown. Lashes have a set of express individual lashes applied.

Eye brow shape, eye brow tint. Eye lash tint. 

Eye Brow thread £5

Eye brow wax £6

Eye Brow Tinting £4 Colours inc brown, black, grey, blue/black.

Eye Lash tinting £5

Eye Brow Shape & Tinting £8 thread,£9 wax (£7 if done with a full head colour)

Upper Lip Threading/wax £2/£4

Chin Threading/wax £2/£4

Sides of the face Threading?wax £4/£6

All areas of the face Threaded/wax inc Tint £15/£18